A story of freshness



      From our CEO MELISSA, to the BOSS in you!

Walk with your chin up Queen!

We appreciate everyone's call to express their own unique style and flavor!

Our vitamin and mineral packed emulsions are specifically created to deliver intense  plant-based nourishment resulting in healthier,  frizz free,  sublimly soft,  delightfully defined,  ravishingly radiant curls, kinks, and coils!   

From our family to yours, we have poured lots of love, countless hours, and careful attention to detail in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Trust Us!  You're hair and skin will Thank You!!


We want you to know that you have a home base here that Truly Celebrates your kinks, coils, and curls.  We are here to encourage you to proudly and loudly rock your glorious fro's, twists, and locs. Whether your hair is short or long, skin tight, or somewhere in between, we think you are BEAUTIFUL beloved.  


So NO MORE APOLOGIES for your crown honey.  Replace any feelings of self consciousness, self loathing, or inadequacies with Pride & Self Love!  


Go back to the mirror. Take a deep, long look into your own eyes and repeat- I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I AM GRACEFUL, I AM STRONG, I AM INTELLIGENT, I AM WORTHY, & I AM LOVE! I love the hair I was born with.
This IS me!    
Hello World! 


 Put all of the hater's on notice as of today! 

My natural, God given hair does NOT limit my career or personal opportunities.  The number of curls, coils, or kinks I have on my head has absolutely NOTHING to do with the brain cells in my head.  I AM BRILLIANT! 


We are lawyers, physicians, entrepreneurs, teachers,chefs tech guru's, artists, CEO's, boss stay at home moms, and ANYTHING ELSE we put our minds to do!  



Aye` Curls serves as a online web boutique, personal blog providing tips, styling methods, beauty information and product reviews. The information contained herein is of my personal experiences and opinions.  Although our formulas are made with natural and restorative essential oils, it is very important that you consult your physician prior ot use if you are pregnant or have any underlying medical conditions

Every hand-crafted item is full of LOVE!